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Why You Should Trade In Your Car At Hometown Dealerships | Weiser, ID

Why You Should Trade In Your Car At Hometown Dealerships | Weiser, ID

Once you've finally decided you're ready for a new car to drive around Weiser, you have to decide what to do with your old car. While you could sell it, another great option to consider is trading in your old car at Hometown Dealerships. Here are some of the reasons why it's worth making the trade.

You'll Save Money

If you trade in your old vehicle, the dealership will apply the value of your old vehicle to your new one. This will reduce the price of your new car as long as your old car has positive equity or has been paid off. Because of this, trading in your old car can potentially lower your new vehicle's cost by a few thousand dollars.

You'll Get Tax Benefits

Trading in your old car can save you money on more than just the purchase price too. It can save you money when it comes to sales tax as well. In Idaho, you may only have to pay a sales tax on the price of your new car after the value of your trade-in has been applied. For example, if you purchase a new vehicle for $20,000 and your trade-in's value is $5,000, you will only have to pay sales tax on $15,000.

It's A Breeze

Trading in your old vehicle is one of the easiest ways possible to get it off your hands. It takes little effort on your part to make the trade. All you have to do is bring your old vehicle with you when you go to purchase your new one, negotiate the deal with the dealership, sign some paperwork, and that's that. It's much less difficult than if you were to sell privately, during which you likely would have to advertise the vehicle, meet with potential buyers, and then transfer the ownership yourself.
Ready to trade in your old car and find a new one to meet your needs? Head to Hometown Dealerships in Weiser, Idaho near Boise.
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